New site is up

Written September 1st, 2008
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While not exactly fleshed out, I’ve deployed the new site to get things going. I have a feature list written out on my whiteboard, but I think about 10% of them are actually necessary for this site to function and be useful.

Foremost on my mind is content.

To that end, I would like my first tip to be about a website that I could never do without. If you’ve never been to 3dTotal, I’d suggest opening it in a new tab for future viewing. They have fresh news, free tutorials, and a lot of resources that you can purchase on the cheap. I also volunteer to moderate their forums, where you can get some good feedback on your work. While this community isn’t quite as large as some other sites, you’ll find experienced and understanding people there. I know first-hand that the 3dTotal team really is on your side.

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