Changes Afoot!

Written February 2nd, 2012
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Big changes are headed this way.  Let me break it down quickly to make sure we’re on the same page.

Theme Redesign

As you’ve probably noticed, the site has undergone a massive theme overhaul.  I noticed that you viewers were rarely using the front-page links and instead using the site as a sort of encyclopedia of 3d knowledge.  Along those lines I’ve removed a lot of the links from the front page for a cleaner look.  There are still a lot of performance enhancements to work on, but the biggest one is going to be my new host.  I’ve transferred to Rackspace to help improve latency in non-USA countries.

More Content

My next goal is to improve the site’s content. I’m looking for ways to include more tutorials and articles for your enjoyment, but gathering that kind of information can be pretty time consuming. Keep an eye on the site for more posts and downloadables!

More Blog Posts

Now that girlfriend is blogging I’m thinking that I should be writing more blog posts about life in San Francisco. I’m also considering getting into electronic music so you might be seeing more on that.

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