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Alejo "Bluesummers" Grigera

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A Brief History

My name is Alejo Grigera and I’ve been doing 3d graphics since 2002.  I began messing around with Bryce and Poser, and eventually moved on to 3d Studio Max just as version 5 was being shipped.  The demo CD had me pretty excited.  Plenty of great features that are pretty standard these days.  But I could edit the polygons and that was totally awesome.

While I’m a fan of all aspects of visualization, animation, and video game creation, I’ve since specialized in the rendering and scripting.  My loving parents suggested that I shouldn’t pursue 3d graphics as a career but instead to do it as a serious hobby and aim for something that has more stable income.  While I encourage people to pursue their passion, I took their advice and went to Carnegie Mellon University to study business.

I earned a BS/BA with a dual focus in quantitative finance and entrepreneurship, and a minor in economics.  After a choppy graduation into the financial meltdown, I landed a job at Google as a Product Specialist for their ads program, AdSense.  It’s hard work, but it pays the bills and I get all the food I can eat.

It was around that time that I started my “Monday Movie” video series.  Each week I would record a short video describing a single technique or concept for 3d Studio Max.  After about episode 12 I ran out of ideas, but the community kept me inspired and the show ran for 76 episodes!  Unfortunately, some hardware upgrades failed and that abruptly ended the series.  While there’s some intent to record more video tutorials, there’s no plans for that in the immediate future.

Contact Me

I’ve been contacted a lot with 3d Studio Max questions and while I would love to help everyone, it would be impossible to keep up with the volume.  Questions like this should be submitted to the comments section of the related post on this website.  I read every comment that gets posted and reply if I can find the time.

That said, my personal motto is “I’ll always listen to a pitch” so serious proposals are welcome.  Site feedback and bug reports are super helpful and welcome, too.

You can reach me at MrBluesummers@MrBluesummers.com

Thanks again for visiting my site.  There’s a special place in my heart for every one of my readers.

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