Softimage XSI

Making of Parthenon

In this tutorial I am going to explain how I made the image of the Parthenon. I have seen many different photographs and drawings of the Parthenon from diffe...

Basic Weight Painting

This tutorial will take you through the basics of weighting, in particular weight painting.

Making of Darkness Monster

We created the Darkness Monster character to test our skills to make a realistic and fantastic creature like the ones in the Lord of the Ring or King Kong. T...

Making of Mobster

The design of the character was inspired in a story I had in mind, He is a corrupted police officer that has become a mobster from some dark city in east Eur...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 6

In this video will explain the Pigeon Rig, Although the software used was XSI, the podcast is focused on CG techniques

How to Navigate in Hierarchies

In this video, we will look at some methods for navigating through a hierarchy in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

Making of Veggie Pirates

Hi, my name is Gaurav Mohan and in this tutorial I will go over the techniques I used in creating my entry 'Veggie Pirates' for the CGArena Toon challenge. T...

How to make a Metalic Shader

This tutorial will teach you how to create and render a metallic material. The first thing to do is to create a simple scene to make our test.

Making of Eternal Flame

Every piece of work is a new step in a long, never-ending staircase... Everything I learnt in Eternal Flame I wish to fully apply on future works that I'm th...

How to fake Final Gather with shaders

This tutorial shows a method for generating FinalGather like ambience using the XSIAmbientOcclusion and the Lightmap Color_Sampler shader in XSI. The basic i...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 7

This is 18th podcast from the short film Pigeon Impossible. In these podcasts Lucas Martell giving some inside tricks

XSI Video tutorials

This series of tutorials will give the basic knowledge needed to manipulate a mesh.

Making of Addiction

Hi, my name is Trond Elling Haveland, and I would like to walk you through on how I made this character in the scene. I was out to make it Iconic, a symbol o...

Making of The Rusty Meter

I started by making a simple cube against a vertical grid. The meter originally had a thin wire coming out from below. Since this lacked a personality, I dec...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 3

This third part contains 2 podcasts from the film, hope you will enjoy this informative thing which helps you in your future projects.

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