Animation / Rigging

Introduction to 3dsMax Particles

A half-hour guide showing you what particles are, how to control them, and how they can save you a lot of time.

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 3

This third part contains 2 podcasts from the film, hope you will enjoy this informative thing which helps you in your future projects.

Create Fluid in Realflow

Hello everyone. My name is Jo'o and this is a complete tutorial about how I did this image. Hope you like it...

How to Navigate in Hierarchies

In this video, we will look at some methods for navigating through a hierarchy in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

Simple Hydraulic Arm

This tutorial will cover the creation of a basic hydraulic arm that responds like the real thing.

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 4

Director/Animator Lucas Martell has started a video podcast covering the creation of his short film Pigeon: Impossible. Although the software used for the sh...

Particle Planting

Plant 44000 stadium chairs with 4 different materials through particle flow and maxscript

Working with ICE

Get a free look into the inner workings of ICE and production workflow in this video from the Mastering the Art of ICE Volume I: Breaking the ICE series. In ...


We will create the scene shown in the following image, there are 15 particles and three obstacles of various dimension. The locator on the right of the image...

Introduction to Expressions

Learn the basics of expressions, linked parameters, and custom property sets in Softimage/XSI through an easy to follow exercise from Noesis Interactive. The...

How to use Ragdoll and Reactor

In this small tutorial try to explain how to use Ragdoll and Reactor Water for floating the body over water effect

Rigging and Animating with Expressions

This set is about building a butterfly controlled by animated expressions. In this really easy set, we look at building a simple rig and driving its motion b...

Maya Dynamic Camera Setup

One of the biggest problems in doing any type of camera work on Maya is that the camera is always too clean and perfect. Thus creating a very cold camera. If...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 5

After long time Director/Animator Lucas Martell brings another set of informative podcasts which also gives info in general as well as for animation.

Making a Sideshow Bob

Artist Jalo explained the concept behind the sideshow bob and how to create a rigging and skinning of the character.

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