Animation / Rigging

Introduction to 3dsMax Particles

A half-hour guide showing you what particles are, how to control them, and how they can save you a lot of time.

Creating Fire in a Particle Editor

Hi, my name is Bulatov Evgeni, I'm an artist in an Extreme Developers studio (, we are game developers. In this lesson I'll tell you my way ...

Making Snow in Maya 2010

In this tutorial learn how you can create a fallen accumulated snow on any object or character

Simple Particle Simulation

Hi, and welcome to a tutorial for Softimage XSI 4.2. Bear in mind that this is not a modeling tutorial, nor a lesson in using XSI Cloth. It is more of a look...

Modelling and Rigging a nut and bolt

This tutorial will go through the steps to create a photo realistic model of a nut. It requires that you have some basic modeling skills.

Maya Dynamic Piston

This tutorial will show you the steps for creating a piston rig which can be dynamically animated within the viewport. The final rig can be manipulated in re...

Introduction to animation in XSI mod tool

This video tutorial is created by Noesis Interactive, based on San Francisco Bay Area and works to expand knowledge and creativity among Video Gamers around ...

Deforming Geimetry with Fluids

In this 10 min video tutorial learn how you can deform the geometry using fluids. In this tutorial particles will deform the soft body and this technique can...

Making of Balthar

I start by researching what kind of character I would like to create. During this process I think about every aspect of the character. Where does it live? Wh...

Using Driven Keys

This is a simple method to create and animate rigs. This tutorial will focus on creating a controller for a hand.

How to Tag a Rig

This short lesson from Noesis Interactive outlines the steps to tag a rig in Softimage/XSI. This process teaches you how to set up your rigs so that you can ...

Glu3d in Fluids Simulation ( No Audio)

These videos shows fluids simulation with the help of Glu3d Plug-in by 3daliens in max, working knowledge of Glu3d is necessary for properly understanding of...

Rigging for Moosah & Chub

I knew rigging my Moosah and Chub model would be quite the project, but once I understood some of Softimage XSI's rigging features it went pretty smooth. For...

Basic Foot Rig

This tutorial will focus on creating a foot setup with a foot controller and a footRoll attribute that will be done using set driven key.

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 3

This third part contains 2 podcasts from the film, hope you will enjoy this informative thing which helps you in your future projects.

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