Animation / Rigging

Introduction to 3dsMax Particles

A half-hour guide showing you what particles are, how to control them, and how they can save you a lot of time.

Sticky Fluids in Glu3d and Pflow

Create a sticky fluids effect using fluid simulation software glu3d and later explain the same thing with pflow

Maya Foot Setup

This tutorial will focus on creating a foot setup with a foot controller and a footRoll attribute that will be done using set driven key. I must stress the f...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 3

This third part contains 2 podcasts from the film, hope you will enjoy this informative thing which helps you in your future projects.

How to Navigate in Hierarchies

In this video, we will look at some methods for navigating through a hierarchy in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

Maya Dynamics Video Series – Part 4

Learn how to use real world physics to drive advanced simulations within Maya. Use fields like gravity and vortex to create incredibly realistic reactions be...

Telephone Cord modelling

A quick tutorial that explains how I rig and animate a telephone cord.

Basic Head Rigging

Created by artist Loocas Duber from Duber Studios in 3ds max and given to CGArena for celebrating 10,000 members

Maya Modelling and Rigging a nut and bolt

This tutorial will go through the steps to create a photo realistic model of a nut. It requires that you have some basic modeling skills. There are a lot of ...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 4

Director/Animator Lucas Martell has started a video podcast covering the creation of his short film Pigeon: Impossible. Although the software used for the sh...

Working with ICE

Get a free look into the inner workings of ICE and production workflow in this video from the Mastering the Art of ICE Volume I: Breaking the ICE series. In ...

Maya Dynamics Video Series – Part 5

In this final part learn how to create wrecking ball, catapult, cannon and water drop inside maya dynamics

Animation Controller basics

In this tutorial you will learn how to use controllers to animate a simple sequence.

How to Create a Waterfall

I want to share my work on how to create a Waterfall from 3ds Max Particle System. To start with, set units to meters, and renderer to default scanline rende...

Maya Hydraulic

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple hydraulic arm. The hydraulic piston's length changes depending on the angle of the elbow, as you would...

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