Makinf of The Shipyard

The idea for the image came during my visit in a Army Museum where I saw the ship model, from whom I made a few photos. Once the idea nested in my head, all ...

Photoshop Optimization Tips

Today, we'll talk about performance optimization and configuration basics of one of the most popular image editors - Adobe Photoshop (or PS for short). That ...

Painting Demo

In this tutorial I will take you through my process of designing a character based on a rough character brief.

Making of Mobster

The design of the character was inspired in a story I had in mind, He is a corrupted police officer that has become a mobster from some dark city in east Eur...

Creating the Hall

You want to try architectural modeling and rendering in Lightwave? Well this tutorial might get you started then. It takes you through everything step by ste...

The making of Seth

Seth started a while ago with some sketches. I don't normally spend too much time in the design phase, I normally have most of it in place in my head and jus...

Character Studio to Lightwave

This tutorial is for anyone who ever wanted or needed to use the animation power of 3D Studio Max's Character Studio with the FX and rendering power of Light...

Hair sculpting

This tutorial will go over a technique for sculpting hair in Zbrush.

ZBrush Strokes and Alphas

This tutorial goes in depth into the different tools for adding details very quickly using alphas and strokes.

Simple cloth creation

In this Quick Tip Tutorial from, find out how to use ZBrush to create a simple, but great looking, piece of cloth.

Realistic Foot Creation

This tutorial outlines the process of creating a high resolution foot, from a basic box modeling starting mesh.

Telephone Cord modelling

A quick tutorial that explains how I rig and animate a telephone cord.

Maya Adding Fur to a Tennis ball

This tutorial will go through the process of creating fur for a tennis ball model.

Maya Flash Photography Effect

This tutorial will teach you how to make your renders look like they are photographs, by adding a flash photography effect to the image.

Maya Camera Shake

In this tutorial you will learn how to animate camera shaking effect without keyframing the camera.

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