How to create a Normal map

I've devised a way to capture normal and displacement maps from real 3D surfaces. It's easy! Just follow the steps below.

Makinf og The Beast

In this making of, I will share with you how I painted my Beast concept. There are many ways to achieve this; however, I will be showing you my favorite meth...

Making of Cracking Earth

Hey folks! The topic for this speed painting is Great cracks split the earth as the ground shook beneath them. I will be using Adobe Photoshop CS3 exclusivel...

Making of Balthar

I start by researching what kind of character I would like to create. During this process I think about every aspect of the character. Where does it live? Wh...

How to Navigate in Hierarchies

In this video, we will look at some methods for navigating through a hierarchy in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

Making of Crustation

This is an overview of the steps taken in making this scene, or any scene using Lightwave 3D 7.5, Photoshop, and 3D Total's Texture CD's.

The making of The Operator

The idea behind the Operator, in the anime movie Spoonman, is one of thought and segways; which makes him a very cool concept to wrap your head around, I use...

Old man scultp

In this tutorial we will explain how we have created the artwork Old man - Portrait. At the beginning - modeling and unwrapping was done in Blender, detailin...

Topology tools in ZBrush

Using the topo tools to produce geometry to add on to a mesh. This is a very small & easy example of how to mount a mesh in topo tools and navigate within to...

Architectural Tecniques

These videos cover a couple techniques on how to create Architectural sculptures using master projection in ZBrush.

Creating Character Textures

This tutorial will teach you how to make a texture in Photoshop and combine it with a shader in Maya to create realistic skin.

Making of Zhou Zhaung

This making-of walks us through the creation of the Zhou Zhaung image created by Xu Fei. It contains information about texture creation and lighting.

Maya Photon Illumination of DGS Materials

DGS stands for Diffuse, Glossy, Secular. DGS materials are used to simulate materials with physical accuracy. It's the combination of these DGS materials wit...

Maya Hand Modelling

In this tutorial we will cover some of the methods I use to model a hand. A lot of the knowledge you need to do this is anatomy and observation. I'll cover s...

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