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Real-World Map Size is Your Friend

Real-World Mapping Coordinates are a misunderstood, but highly useful tool in 3dsMax. Learn what they can do for you!

Assign Random Material ID to Selection

I've put together the following short MaxScript to allow you to assign a random material ID to a selection in 3dsMax.  I'll update it into a full tool if I get enough comments asking for it.

Arch & Design Material: Tips and Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks for working with 3dsMax's Arch & Design material presets through mental ray. We'll look specifically at glass and metal shaders...

3d Studio Max Arch & Design Preset Examples

Take a look at the different Arch & Design material presets in 3d Studio Max and mental ray. There's an easy material for every situation!

mental ray Arch & Design Overview

In this article, we'll go through how to effectively use the mental ray Arch & Design material in 3d Studio Max.

Sub-Surface Scattering Guide Part 2

This is the definitive guide to sub-surface scattering (SSS) in mental ray for 3d Studio Max. In part 2 we go over more advanced features of SSS!

Sub-Surface Scattering Guide Part 1

This is the definitive guide to sub-surface scattering (SSS) in mental ray for 3d Studio Max. In part 1 we go over the basics of how to use SSS!

The 3d Displacement Shader

In this quick walkthrough, I'll show you how to use the mental ray 3d displacement shader in your 3ds Max materials.

Ink & Paint Primer

In this tutorial, we'll be looking at how to effectively use the Ink & Paint shader in 3dsMax. There are visual examples of each feature plus techniques to make your renders pop!

World-Machine Colors and Mixing Tutorial

This tutorial covers creating custom color overlay maps in World-Machine 2. I go over every mixing device to show you the diversity of tools at your disposal.

Making of La Espera

I am proudly present this making to all the great artists. La espera was created entirely in Lightwave. At first we used the 9.3 version which had already in...

“Making of Aramaki, Section 9″

The idea for this work came from while watching a chapter of one of my favorite anime series, Ghost in the Shell. Aramaki Daisuke is next to the lieutenant K...

Mapping through Reactor Cloth

I will explain you how to use reactor cloth in mapping any object or model. All of you noticed that every model required lot of tweaking to remove the stretc...

Making of Prolapsed Eye

Modeling was very simple. I based my model off of the original sketch (Fig. 01) and created what is known as an organized mesh.

Making of Vantage at Dusk

As with any project of this nature, the key to a realistic model is proper research and a decent set of blueprints. Having sourced the blueprints, I soon dis...

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