Sculptris Review

Sculptris is a piece of 3d graphics software that allows you to "paint" 3d objects as though you were working with clay. And it's free. Is it worth it?

Turbosquid Primer

In this extended tutorial, I'll be showing you how to earn passive income through Turbosquid (or any content syndication platform).

Insert Mono-Spaced Vertices in Edges

This post shows you how to create equally spaced vertices along many edges in 3dsMax.

An Introduction to World Machine

Learn how to use World-Machine 2 to create procedural terrains for export to 3d Studio Max, Terragen, and more.

Introductory mental ray Lighting

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to get started with mental ray area lights. It really adds a new level of realism to your renders.

Bloody Checker Texture

These are the main steps to make a bloody checker texture in the freeware software called Map zone ' Powerful Texturing Tool Ever, Download this software now...

Modeling Chevrolet Camaro Concept part3

This video tutorial is created by artist Vladimir from Ukraine in Rhino software but techniques applied to all 3d software. This series is divided in 12 part...

Quickstart Series – Part 7

This quick start series contained the information and techniques that can't be found anywhere else and an equal split between workflows came up with by Dave ...

Learn Sculpting in ZBrush Part5

This is the fifth part of learning Sculpting in ZBrush - Fun with the Alphas. These video tutorials series will teach you sculpting in ZBrush from scratch. T...

Worm Head Speed Sculpt

ZBrush Speed sculpt of an alien bust. Though out these videos you will see JonnyD Artiste use ZSpheres to create his base mesh. Then he will use an assortmen...

How to use Mudbox Displacement Maps in XSI

In this 8 min video tutorial Wayne Robson will explain you how to use the displacement maps in XSI created using Mudbox 2009. This will help the users to use...

Introduction to Custom Props with Maya

This video tutorial is created by Noesis Interactive, based on San Francisco Bay Area and works to expand knowledge and creativity among Video Gamers around ...

Making of Say Cheese

Hello, my name is Vaibhav shah from India. I was so inspired with water tanks in childhood. Whenever I've visit fisheries and aquariums, I always found some ...

Modeling Calculator

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to creating a calculator. First of all, In Customize> Unit Setup change display unit scale to metric and select...

Female Body Modeling: Part 2

In this second part learn how to model a detailed female hands and foot using poly modeling in 3ds max

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