Sculptris Review

Sculptris is a piece of 3d graphics software that allows you to "paint" 3d objects as though you were working with clay. And it's free. Is it worth it?

Turbosquid Primer

In this extended tutorial, I'll be showing you how to earn passive income through Turbosquid (or any content syndication platform).

Insert Mono-Spaced Vertices in Edges

This post shows you how to create equally spaced vertices along many edges in 3dsMax.

An Introduction to World Machine

Learn how to use World-Machine 2 to create procedural terrains for export to 3d Studio Max, Terragen, and more.

Introductory mental ray Lighting

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to get started with mental ray area lights. It really adds a new level of realism to your renders.

Making of Squirrel in Winter

Hi, this is how I made my image for the CGArena challenge themed winter and won third prize. I participated a bit late so I thought of making an image which ...

Quickstart Series – Part 8

This quick start series contained the information and techniques that can't be found anywhere else and an equal split between workflows came up with by Dave ...

Modeling of the Dinosaur

When working inside ZBrush, every time I start modeling something from Z-sphere. It is one of ZBrush's cool features that enables fast and intuitive modeling...

Making of Cheese Platter

I created this Cheese Platter using Autodesk Maya 8.5 and Adobe Photoshop. It is actually a photo concept derived partially from the image on right.

Modeling Punching Machine

Hello everyone, Are you ready to create a punching machine in 3ds max? In this tutorial we will work with polygon, slice plane, shape merge, editable poly, s...

Making of Prolapsed Eye

Modeling was very simple. I based my model off of the original sketch (Fig. 01) and created what is known as an organized mesh.

Making of Stiks

Hi, I'm Damir Martin and this is a quick look at how I created my DinoMonster's character Stiks in ZBrush.

Making of Fern

Hi everyone and welcome to the making of Fern, a 3D artwork created by the CHEVisodes team. CHEVisodes is an episode based CG animated movie featuring Fern a...

Tips for Selection Modes an Tools

This movie looks at some of the selection modes and tools available in XSI.

A guide to re-topologising

Re-topologising a mesh, that's one heck of a mouthful that sounds complex and scary to people new-ish to modeling. Really it's nothing of the kind, it's a si...

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