Intermediate Lighting & Creating Detail

In this brief tutorial, we'll look at techniques for illuminating a sci-fi scene at night. Download the starting scene and follow along as we use area lights to increase realism dramatically!

Intermediate mental ray Lighting

This extended tutorial shows you how I lit an interior office scene using mental ray area lights and Sun & Sky.

Introductory mental ray Lighting

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to get started with mental ray area lights. It really adds a new level of realism to your renders.

Quick Start Series – Part 4

This quick start series contained the information and techniques that can't be found anywhere else and an equal split between workflows came up with by Dave ...

Reaslistic Lighting with LDRI

One of the biggest inventions in the last few years in realistic lighting solutions is the appearance of HDRI images and lighting the scenes with them. If yo...

Create Neon Light with Vray

How to create neon lights with Vray. As you can see, in this particular scene, I pay little attention to objects that are not in view of the camera.

Rendering with Radiosity

In 3dsMax 2009 we have the ability to simulate indirect illumination, which is the natural process of how objects reflect diffuse light energy in real life. ...

Making of Dominance War IV: Bishop

In this article, I will attempt to cover the various different steps of his creation, from concept to final render. I've also included three accompanying mov...

Making of Comsongnathus

My name is Hugo Costa, I'm from Portugal and with this mini tutorial I'll show you briefly how I created this little guy. I've always liked dinosaurs and Com...

Making of Nightmate Stalker

After seeing this concept online, I decided to have a go at re-creating it in 3D. I usually do hard surface objects and not character/organic objects so I fa...

Creating the Hall

You want to try architectural modeling and rendering in Lightwave? Well this tutorial might get you started then. It takes you through everything step by ste...

Basic Outdoor rendering in Mental Ray

In this tutorial you will learn about rendering using Mental Ray. The tutorial focuses on outdoor lighting and rendering.

Making of Matrouk

Hi everybody, my name is Yousef Ikhreis from Jordan. 30 years old, self-taught artist, I am working as Art Director since 2003. Also I am doing a lot of free...

Making of Quiet Room

Hi everyone, in this making of article I am going to show the general process that I went through to create the Quiet Room. I used Autodesk Maya to model all...

Efficient Use of Vray Camera in Dark Room

How do you make a picture in real life when the light is too dark? Here learn to use a vray camera efficiently

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