Intermediate Lighting & Creating Detail

In this brief tutorial, we'll look at techniques for illuminating a sci-fi scene at night. Download the starting scene and follow along as we use area lights to increase realism dramatically!

Intermediate mental ray Lighting

This extended tutorial shows you how I lit an interior office scene using mental ray area lights and Sun & Sky.

Introductory mental ray Lighting

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to get started with mental ray area lights. It really adds a new level of realism to your renders.

Making of Black Pearl Treasure

In this tutorial I will show you how I created this Black Pearl Treasure in Modo. Hope you will enjoy this journey...

Dome Based Lighting

Hello everyone and welcome to Dome Based Lighting tutorial, in this tutorial I will show you how to light up your scene using dome based lighting with Maya 8...

Understanding IES Lights

IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photometric data over the web.

Create Glowing Material

Glowing materials are very useful to create light effects. For example a neon-light effect. This kind of material is a light-emitting material. It will creat...

Making of Steamnocchio

I chose Pinocchio because he is a well-known character and because of his artificial nature. He is a wooden marionette, so I imagined it would be nice to tur...

Making of Time Under the Trees

I am happy to share the Making Of story of my scene Time Under The Trees, which was created in 3ds Max and rendered in V-Ray.

Making of Ravine

To create my image, Ravine, first I created a shaped terrain and tree roots in 3ds Max 2010 and Mudbox 2009. Next, using 3ds Max, I put unwrap UVWs on the te...

Making of Dante Alighier

In this tutorial I will explain how I created the image Dante Alighieri, starting from the modeling which was done in Softimage|XSI, unwrapping with Modo, de...

Making of the Box Car

This box car is based on a train model hand painted by Ron Thornton. This project took about a week and a half. I used reference pictures of the model box ca...

Making of Did you fill up the tank on mars

The theme chosen for the CGArena challenge (Accident) opens a wide range of illustration possibilities. That's why I decided to join into it and won the 3rd ...

Making of Revolution

My inspiration comes from a fiction story which tells a war between human beings and machines. Human beings were almost extinct. The survivors became stronge...

Calculate GI through various renderers

In these max video tutorials watch how to calculate the GI and achieve realistic results through vray, mental ray & brazil

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