Intermediate Lighting & Creating Detail

In this brief tutorial, we'll look at techniques for illuminating a sci-fi scene at night. Download the starting scene and follow along as we use area lights to increase realism dramatically!

Intermediate mental ray Lighting

This extended tutorial shows you how I lit an interior office scene using mental ray area lights and Sun & Sky.

Introductory mental ray Lighting

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to get started with mental ray area lights. It really adds a new level of realism to your renders.

Making of DinoMonster

A dream from my childhood, to become professional CGI artist (after seeing Jurassic Park 1993) combined with my affection towards Dinosaurs that I started li...

Understanding Lights in Maya – Part 1

In this series we will explore maya each and every available light. This tutorial cover Ambient and Directional light

Illuminate Interior using Exterior Light

In this tutorial, we will illuminate the scene with the help of one light source and one HDRI. This is a step by step tutorial, with images to grasp the gene...

3DS Max Tips and Tricks

Here you have 15 of the most used Tips & Tricks of the FLORENCE DESIGN ACADEMY ( to avoid mistakes, errors and imperfections in...

Making of The Gift

This image was based on the following idea: A carpenter wishes to give his son a gift and the only thing he knows for certain is that he wants the gift to be...

Making of Angioletta Giolli

After having collected some pictures of the famous actress Angelina Jolie, I decided to use some of them to help give life to my homonymous creation Angiolet...

Making of Ornaments

I saw an illustration on -The Chesterfield Project- and I was blown away by the level of detail! When I looked closer at the details, I saw so...

How to Combine a Photo and a CG Object

This tutorial will teach you how to combine and integrate a CG model in a real scene.

Rendering Diamond Caustics

This tutorial will cover the shader creation and rendering of a diamond which emits correct caustics.

Making of Home & Fire

In this small tutorial I will try to explain how I made the Home & Fire image. First of all I draw a sketch with the idea or the concept that it want to repr...

Understanding Lights in Maya – Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome once again in part 2 of (Understanding lights in Maya) tutorial, well in this part 2 we will explore Point Light and the Spot Ligh...

Caustics through Mental Ray

Caustics are really great light effects that you can observe in liquids, glass objects and gems. We are able to simulate this effect with 3D Studio Max perfe...

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