Making of Set Out for Lover

In the deep forest, there are some tree guys. They live happily, but some of them are interested in the world outside. So is Melody who is Jay's Lover. She l...

Understanding Lights in Maya – Part 1

In this series we will explore maya each and every available light. This tutorial cover Ambient and Directional light

Making of the Rider

This is the 5th challenge that I joined and my first artwork which was a grand winner. I am really happy to say that with all the efforts and hard work I did...

Character Workflow

This is a walkthrough of the creation, with detailed pictures of the whole progress.

Maya Twist Modelling

This tutorial will go through the method of creating twisted cylinders that can have many different applications.

Maya Volley Ball Modelling

I'm sure you guys have all learned various techniques of creating a ball in the past, but in this beginner's tutorial we will learn another technique for mod...

Making of Revolution

My inspiration comes from a fiction story which tells a war between human beings and machines. Human beings were almost extinct. The survivors became stronge...

Maya Lighting Video Series – Part 2

In this Maya Lighting tutorial series by we will post 18 video tutorials on regular intervals, so you can learn everything about maya lighti...

Making of Barack Obama

Hi, my name is Toni and I am going to walk you through the process of making a digital portrait. Making a digital portrait can be a very difficult task if no...

BMW Z4 Creation part1

Before you begin the tutorial you should know that the tutorial will only work perfectly if you model the same car. This will save you a lot of frustration a...

Maya Driven Keys to create HandController

This tutorial will teach you how to make a controller for animating a hand using MEL. This will help you make complex animations that can easily be edited.

VRay for Maya- Demonstration

My name is Dennis and I just got my hands on the VRay For Maya demo! A friend asked if I could explain the basics, so here is a very simple tutorial.

Making of Cheese Platter

I created this Cheese Platter using Autodesk Maya 8.5 and Adobe Photoshop. It is actually a photo concept derived partially from the image on right.

Making of Say Cheese

Hello, my name is Vaibhav shah from India. I was so inspired with water tanks in childhood. Whenever I've visit fisheries and aquariums, I always found some ...

Modelling a 3D Character

In this tutorial I will show you a method of creating 3d Characters using A/W Maya.

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