Secrets of Swimsuit Babe

Making an attractive woman is always a goal for most CG enthusiasts. It's also true to me. After a few years' learning, I think it's time to make one myself....

Maya Dynamics Video Series – Part 5

In this final part learn how to create wrecking ball, catapult, cannon and water drop inside maya dynamics

Complete Beginer’s Guide to modelling

A beginners guide to starting out modeling in Maya, a simple primitive model which is far less complex than it really looks.

Basic Foot Rig

This tutorial will focus on creating a foot setup with a foot controller and a footRoll attribute that will be done using set driven key.

Maya Human Anatomy UV Coordinates Setup

This tutorial will teach you how to generate the UV layout for a human model. A correct, well laid out UV map is important because once it's made, and the te...

Making of Ingrid Bergman

At the age of 17, Ingrid Bergman auditioned for and was accepted to the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. During her first summer break, she was hired at ...

Making Snow in Maya 2010

In this tutorial learn how you can create a fallen accumulated snow on any object or character

Shading and Rendering of the Mini

This article focuses on shading and texturing the Mini Cooper, I'll talk a little about rendering with Mental Ray but I think other people have covered that ...

Maya Spiral modelling

This tutorial will cover how to create spirals meshes that can be used for different applications, like a telephone cable.

Maya ZDepth and Grayscale Representation

This tutorial shows 3 different methods to create height and depth grayscale representations of a maya scene, which may be useful in many cases such as addin...

Dome Based Lighting

Hello everyone and welcome to Dome Based Lighting tutorial, in this tutorial I will show you how to light up your scene using dome based lighting with Maya 8...

Maya Lighting Video Series – Part 1

In this Maya Lighting tutorial series by we will post 18 video tutorials on regular intervals, so you can learn everything about maya lighti...

Making of Tribe

This is the first CG work I've ever submitted to a CG website and indeed am happy that my first work has been selected by a popular website like!...

BMW Z4 Creation part2

Part 2 of the modeling series.

Maya Animation Controls

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Bend Deformer and how to make an attribute depend on another to animate a plank being hit by a stone. You will...

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