Making of Petrol Head

I was browsing the internet and found a few images of an old car carburetor. It looked really cool, with all its complex mechanisms and technological form. A...

Character Workflow

This is a walkthrough of the creation, with detailed pictures of the whole progress.

Animation Controller basics

In this tutorial you will learn how to use controllers to animate a simple sequence.

Maya Twist Modelling

This tutorial will go through the method of creating twisted cylinders that can have many different applications.

Maya Diamon Caustics

Rendering a diamond as photo-realistically as possible is a 3D challenge. Light doesn't just bounce off an object; it enters it, bends, changes color, bounce...

Maya Volley Ball Modelling

I'm sure you guys have all learned various techniques of creating a ball in the past, but in this beginner's tutorial we will learn another technique for mod...

Pigeon: Impossible – Part 2

This second part contains 5 podcasts from the film, hope you will enjoy these informative behind the scenes.

Making of Trapped

I have used Maya 8.0 for the modeling (polygonal) and Mental Ray for the rendering. The lighting is given by an HDRI probe and two lights. Background and dep...

Understanding Lights in Maya – Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome once again in part 2 of (Understanding lights in Maya) tutorial, well in this part 2 we will explore Point Light and the Spot Ligh...

Maya Dynamics Video Series – Part 3

Learn how to use real world physics to drive advanced simulations within Maya. Use fields like gravity and vortex to create incredibly realistic reactions be...

Making of the Alien Nature

Artist will explain about the workflow used to create the picture using Maya, ZBrush, Bodypaint, Renderman.

Cartoon/Anime rendering

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a shader which can be used in cartoon/anime renderings.

Basic Outdoor rendering in Mental Ray

In this tutorial you will learn about rendering using Mental Ray. The tutorial focuses on outdoor lighting and rendering.

Global Illumination basics

Currently, one of the best ways of achieving photo-realistic imagery is to render using Mental Ray for Maya. Mental Ray offers a Global Illumination and Fina...

Maya Car Modelling using Nurbs Components

This tutorial goes through the process of creating the details, like the air vents, badge and grills for the BMW Z4 model.

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