Animation / Rigging

Making of Petrol Head

I was browsing the internet and found a few images of an old car carburetor. It looked really cool, with all its complex mechanisms and technological form. A...

Dynamic camera rig setup

This tutorial covers how to create a setup that makes camera movements more realistic, and natural.

Maya Melting Text

Hello every one! And welcome to the wonderful world of fluids, My name is Aziz Khan and I will be your guide through this tutorial and I hope you all will en...

Making of Master of the Bottle

Hi, my name is Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi and I would like to explain some of the steps I would typically take to create a concept like Master of the Bottle...

Maya Dynamics Video Series – Part 4

Learn how to use real world physics to drive advanced simulations within Maya. Use fields like gravity and vortex to create incredibly realistic reactions be...

Basic Weight Painting

This tutorial will take you through the basics of weighting, in particular weight painting.

Telephone Cord modelling

A quick tutorial that explains how I rig and animate a telephone cord.

Maya Dynamic Object Suspension Rig

I had had to make a rig for an underwater vehicle with some fly by wire parts coming off of it. We wanted to have control over them, and be able to position ...

Import and Turntable Rotate in Unreal Ed

In this demonstration we go through a few different ways of getting your work into Unreal Editor 3. Includes: * Exporting ASE files from 3dsmax * Exporting P...

Maya Dynamics Video Series – Part 5

In this final part learn how to create wrecking ball, catapult, cannon and water drop inside maya dynamics

Making of Orc

This tutorial will describe briefly how I created my orc character from scratch to the lighting.

Animation Controller basics

In this tutorial you will learn how to use controllers to animate a simple sequence.

Maya Substitute Geometry

Substitute Geometry allows an artist to replace a rigged and animated Low ' Poly mesh with a final high resolution or mid resolution mesh. This technique all...

Creating Fire in a Particle Editor

Hi, my name is Bulatov Evgeni, I'm an artist in an Extreme Developers studio (, we are game developers. In this lesson I'll tell you my way ...

Making Snow in Maya 2010

In this tutorial learn how you can create a fallen accumulated snow on any object or character

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