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Written September 11th, 2008
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So I’m at work right now, and I was thinking about making a post on the blog about an upcomming tutorial I’d like to write about clay rendering. I then realized that I’m no longer using blogger and this means that I can’t write posts from anywhere on the planet like I used to. To write this post, I have to go into Visual Studio via Remote Desktop and cook up all the text and code together like some kind of soup. I’m reflecting on the many…many changes that I’m now getting used to after switching away from Blogger. I don’t have as easy access to AdSense advertisement placement, I can’t enjoy the selection of templates, and I can’t take comments from people directly on the blog posts. While I don’t lament the switch, I certainly miss the simplicity.

I’d like to suggest to people that they seriously consider blogger as a place to start building either a personal website (like this one) or a portfolio. It really is the easiest way to get an online presence without having to get into HTML, CSS, or javascript. I’ve taken the harder road because I’m no longer looking for a job in the industry, but for those of you who need to sprint to keep up, your time is best spent refining your trade. Go read find someone’s homepage about high-res modeling, or make some seamless textures for your personal collection. In fact, you can go check out Vitaly Bulgarov’s website at http://bulgarov.com/. He’s a talented high-res modeler, and there’re pleanty of juicy mesh shots to sink your teeth into. I bet if you e-mail him hard enough, you can get him to post unsmoothed stuff too.

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