Vault Commercials

Written February 17th, 2009
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Long story short, I’m still working on that new website I told you about, and I haven’t had much time for new tutorials. While it won’t get in the way of my most important commitment– the Monday Movies, it is delaying most other things. I’ll have more 3dsMax tutorials for you soon, I promise!

In order to placate your thirst for fresh content, I’ve dredged up my favorite beverage commercials from a few years ago.  I’m not sure if Coca-Cola still makes Vault, but I remember it being a very delicious drink.  It was a little sweeter than 7-up’s dn-L soda (get it?) and had a little more caffeine than Mountain Dew.  It also had funny commercials where the announcer was basically inspiring these boring men to do extraordinary things while drinking the product.  You’ll get the idea.  Be careful with these videos since they’re all uploaded by different people, so the volume is different across each one.  Don’t turn the volume too high or too low.

Expect a Monday Movie next week, and hopefully the official announcement of my “secret project” around the same time!

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