Duke Nukem Forever Artwork

Written May 10th, 2009
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Hey all,

I’m hammering away at an awesome Monday Movie for you this week!  It’ll be in two parts, so you know it’s got a king-size load of tips for you!  <<EDIT>> I’m already getting e-mails about this; I’m afraid the second part will have to happen next week.  I only have time to do one this week; I’m getting slammed by work, and I’m falling behind schedule with the 3dCodex.

Troop Carrier High/Low Resolution

Troop Carrier High/Low Resolution

While you wait tonight, it looks like a lot of 3d art has been leaked by some Duke Nukem employees that were recently laid off.  While it’s sad when someone loses their job, it means you get to look at some amazing high resolution and low resolution shots of game props.  These are some great references for coming to grips with converting high-poly props into low-poly forms.  Getting a good look at these images is time well spent!

Click here to get a good look!

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