The making of SimTech MTS.Arach

Ok well I was quite pleased when I heard I was going to get to build this little guy for the new Wicked Pixels short film that will be released by the end of...

Water Drops

This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic water dropping into water animation.

Creating the Hall

You want to try architectural modeling and rendering in Lightwave? Well this tutorial might get you started then. It takes you through everything step by ste...

The making of Seth

Seth started a while ago with some sketches. I don't normally spend too much time in the design phase, I normally have most of it in place in my head and jus...

Character Studio to Lightwave

This tutorial is for anyone who ever wanted or needed to use the animation power of 3D Studio Max's Character Studio with the FX and rendering power of Light...

Fantasy Letter

This tutorial focuses on heavy texturing now, turning a simple flat plane with a bunch of polygons into an old piece of paper with handwriting on it. 50% of ...

Modelling a World of Warcraft Orc

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a low poly character model, specifically an Orc from the game World of Warcraft.

Making of 3:00am

This Overview is about the 3.00am picture which Sebstian N'll and me (David K'tterheinrich) created for 3dTotal.

Review on Radiosity and Photorealism

Achieving Photorealism is not something that is easy to do, most people think it's done in the modeling part of your work but in fact modeling is only about ...

What is gMill?

What is gMil? gMil is a surface shader for LW that simulates radiosity. After hearing about gMil in the LW7.x feature list I've wondered what use can it give...

Naking of Nature of Man

This scene was made using Lightwave for modeling, Photoshop was used for the textures, background image and post work. FPrime was used for final rendering.

A Self Made Man

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a cartoon face with techniques that can be applied for creating the ears of the character.

Making of Elven Armour

I made this elf for the Races Of Middle Earth CG Challenge run during January and Febuary 2003.I decided to make a ghostly elf character, sort of like a wrai...

Making of All Road

Originally I knew that I wanted to design and model a futuristic vehicle of some description without knowing exactly the type.. Using Lightwave 3d Modeler I ...

How to Combine a Photo and a CG Object

This tutorial will teach you how to combine and integrate a CG model in a real scene.

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