VRay Area Lights

This week we'll be taking a look at how you can use VRay area lights in 3d Studio Max. Let's light this warehouse like it's at night...

VRay Sun & Sky

In this Monday Movie I'll show you just how easy it is to set up Sun & Sky lighting in VRay!

Old School Sun & Sky

Learn how to create sun & sky effects the old school way- with nothing but a skylight and a direct light.

Setting Up HDRI

This week I'll show you how to set up the lighting and background in order to make use of those HDRI files we created. It's easy as pie!

Neon Lights

This week, I'll show you how you can create neon lights in 3d Studio Max using mental ray. It's easy!

Lights as Objects

We'll look at how you can use the "Light Shape Visible in Rendering" feature of area lights!

Glare Effects

This week's Monday Movie is about how you can create a light glare effect in your renders both in Photoshop and using mental ray's "Glare" shader.

3dsMax Caustics Tutorial

Caustics in 3dsMax are made easy with step-by-step instructions in this PDF tutorial.

Precomputed vs Manual Lighting

In this week's video tutorial, we'll look at the difference between pre-computed lighting (like Final Gather) and manual 3d lighting techniques.

mental ray Sun & Sky

Learn how to use mental ray's Sun & Sky in this week's 3dsMax video tutorial!

Making a Waterbox

In this video tutorial, we'll look at how you can create a waterbox in 3d Studio Max- perfect for learning caustics!