Rendering / Compositing

VRay Depth of Field

This week we'll be taking an "in depth" look at how you can set up a depth of field blur effect in VRay for 3d Studio Max.

Parti Volume Shader

In this video, we'll look at how you can use the Parti Volume shader in mental ray to quickly create mist or volumetric lighting effects.

X-Ray Effect

Learn how to create a sweet X-Ray rendering effect in this week's 3dsMax Video Tutorial!

Basic Render Elements

This week we'll take a look at how you can use basic render elements to enhance your render in Photoshop!

(Re)Making a Waterbox

This week I'm showing you how to create a water box in 3dsMax using the mental ray renderer.

Gamma Control Setup

Being able to control the gamma of your renders means having another powerful angle for adjusting the "curves" of your final 3d renders.

mental ray Image Control

In this Monday Movie I'll show you how to use the mental ray image controls to manipulate your render.

Vue 6 Infinite Panoramic Rendering

In this Monday Movie we'll be looking at how you can render panoramic HDR images in e-on software's Vue 6 Infinite.

Panoramic Rendering and HDRI (Part 1)

High Resolution Renders

This week's video tutorial is about how to render very large images in 3dsMax without crashing your machine.

Wireframe Rendering

This week we'll look at how you can easily create wireframe renders in 3d Studio Max.

Neon Lights

This week, I'll show you how you can create neon lights in 3d Studio Max using mental ray. It's easy!


Learn the basics of adding background images to your scene in 3dsMax, including how to display the background in your viewport!

Faster Renders Part 2

Reducing render times in 3dsMax is a sure-fire way of improving throughput and learning the program faster!

Faster Renders Part 1

In this Monday Movie I'll show you four of my seven techniques for speeding up renders in 3dsMax.