Real-World Map Size is Your Friend

Real-World Mapping Coordinates are a misunderstood, but highly useful tool in 3dsMax. Learn what they can do for you!

Intermediate Lighting & Creating Detail

In this brief tutorial, we'll look at techniques for illuminating a sci-fi scene at night. Download the starting scene and follow along as we use area lights to increase realism dramatically!

TurboSquid – Too Real

The images at TurboSquid are so realistic, they fool people all the time. Check out this video of what can happen!

Ten Free 3D Imaging Programs

While there will come a time when money will have to be invested, those new to the game of modeling would be better off starting with one of the many free programs available.

Sculptris Review

Sculptris is a piece of 3d graphics software that allows you to "paint" 3d objects as though you were working with clay. And it's free. Is it worth it?

Website Builders for Online Portfolios

Another guest post from Izzy!  This time she's walking us through some easy-to-use online website builders that you can use for building your online portfolio.

Assign Random Material ID to Selection

I've put together the following short MaxScript to allow you to assign a random material ID to a selection in 3dsMax.  I'll update it into a full tool if I get enough comments asking for it.

Semi-Transparent Layer Rendering in 3dsMax

Need to remove the halos, glows, or other anti-aliasing artifacts from your matte/shadow or element renders? This tutorial shows you how.

Depth of Field Quality Adjustment in mental ray

In this quick article, we'll be visually exploring how to adjust the quality of the depth of field effect in 3d Studio Max with mental ray.

How to Deploy MaxScript Scripts

Learn the 3 major ways of deploying scripts to employees or fans. We'll cover executable scripts, Macroscripts, and scripted plug-ins.

Creating Custom 3d Studio Max Rollouts

Here I'll show you how to create custom 3d Studio Max rollouts with buttons that you select. It's easy to do, and we'll even go into creating custom actions!

Arch & Design Material: Tips and Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks for working with 3dsMax's Arch & Design material presets through mental ray. We'll look specifically at glass and metal shaders...

Set AdSense Channels by Browser, Referrer, etc.

Ever wondered how you can set channels in your Google AdSense ad units based on on-the-spot data like user browser or origin? Let's find out how!

3d Studio Max Arch & Design Preset Examples

Take a look at the different Arch & Design material presets in 3d Studio Max and mental ray. There's an easy material for every situation!

mental ray Arch & Design Overview

In this article, we'll go through how to effectively use the mental ray Arch & Design material in 3d Studio Max.