VRay Depth of Field

This week we'll be taking an "in depth" look at how you can set up a depth of field blur effect in VRay for 3d Studio Max.

X-Ray Effect

Learn how to create a sweet X-Ray rendering effect in this week's 3dsMax Video Tutorial!

Submerge (lume) Shader

This week I'll be showing you how to use the submerge (lume) shader in 3dsMax and mental ray.

(Re)Making a Waterbox

This week I'm showing you how to create a water box in 3dsMax using the mental ray renderer.

Setting Up HDRI

This week I'll show you how to set up the lighting and background in order to make use of those HDRI files we created. It's easy as pie!

DirectX Materials

This week, I'll be showing you how to set up a DirectX Material in 3dsMax.

Neon Lights

This week, I'll show you how you can create neon lights in 3d Studio Max using mental ray. It's easy!

Sub-Surface Scattering Physical Material

This week, we're looking at how you can use the (more advanced) SSS Physical Material in 3d Studio Max's mental ray.

Sub-Surface Scattering Setup

This week, I'll show you how to get started using the 3dsMax Fast Sub-Surface Scattering Skin (SSS) Material.

Ink & Paint Sketch Effect

This week we're looking at how you can create an easy sketch effect using the Ink & Paint material in 3dsMax.

Ambient Occlusion Mix Map

In this Monday Movie I'll show you how to use ambient occlusion in mental ray as a mix map to help make your details pop without adding a lot of render time.

Baking Ambient Occlusion

This video shows you the step-by-step process for rendering a baked Ambient Occlusion Map in 3dsMax.

Glare Effects

This week's Monday Movie is about how you can create a light glare effect in your renders both in Photoshop and using mental ray's "Glare" shader.

Depth of Field

In this Monday Movie I show you how to use depth of field in 3dsMax's scanline renderer and in mental ray.

Clay Rendering vs Ambient Occlusion

Clay rendering in 3dsMax is probably the most important skill every arch-viz student and practitioner should have.

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